Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand

When i want to enjoy nature and learn more about the ecosystem, the Chiang Mai Night SafariDoi Suthep-Pui Mountain and the emerald colored forest. Be sure to play a visit to Swan Lake where a number of small islands play home to many loud lemurs and gibbons. At Nighttime, I never miss the Musical Fountain and Water Screen, an awesome display of beauty and technology. (Tel:+66-0-2595-4390), fits the bill perfectly. There are all sorts of animals to observe, including Giant Tortoises, Asiatic Black Bears, and Lemurs. A few of my favorite places at the park are the viewpoint areas, which have incredibly beautiful views of

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  1. I never tried night safari. I think Night Safari is a very thrilling activity. I would love to do that, I always get fascinated towards wildlife and at night the wildlife would be incredible.