Soneva Kiri Koh Kood Trat Thailand

Form Suvarnabhumi airport to recently opened luxurious resort on Koh Kood, Koh Kood, Where Soneva Kiri is location, is one of the island of Thailand where nature still remains untouched. It is location in the territorial waters of Trad, almost at the Thailand Combodian border. The 8 seater, private Cessna Grand Caravan jet flew us to the private airfield on Koh Mai Chee where were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Friday upon arrival. They were assigned to take care of us and ensure that we got all that we personally requested in terms of comfort and convenience. They then led us toa speedboat for another 5 minute ride, and we then arrived at our destination. Hotels in Koh Kood

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Suratanee Thailand

Take a quick boat ride from Samui to nearby Koh Phangan and party it invoke bizarre behavior in humans, and every month this superstition is Haad rin Beach for this world famous beach party with pumping tunes spun by renowned DJ's. My favorite time to go is in the summer from April to June
when there are less people and the beach is less occupied. Mark your calendar for the next full moon and make sure you don't miss the party till dawn. Hotels in Koh Pha-ngan

Fire Show in Koh Samet Rayong Thailand

Koh  Samet is one of my favorites, as this small island has it all from great food  to a chill vibe. What l like to do the most when l visit Samet is to go see the famous Fire Show  by a very skillful group of acrobats who dance with lit torches and bolos, twirling them around as if they’re not dangerous at5 all.The best place to catch the show on the island is at Ploy Talay Resort on Sai Kaew Beach (Tel.+66 (0) 3864 4212). You can catch a show nightly, and nibble on fresh seafood barbeque while watching the show.

Shinla Korean Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

I just can’t seem to have enough of Korean food and the good thing is that Bangkok doesn’t seem to run out of choices either. Shinla 4/10 Sukhumvit Soi 22 Tel: +66 ( 0 ) 26634296 is a long established Korean diner, and with its revamped venue, the place is now serving more than just Korean dishes but also adding some of Japanere barbeque menu into its offering. What l like about Shinla is their good quality selection of meat that they use in barbeque. Also the variety of sauces which you can choose from Korean, Japanese or even Thai style of dipping sauce. You can practically create your own meal here.

Kongju Korean restaurant Bangkok Thailand

lf someone asks me where the best Korean restaurant is in Bangkok l will have to recommend Kongju (2nd floor, Pathumwan Princess Hotel,Tel. +66 ( 0 ) 2216-3700 ). Like eating my favorite Korean dishes here in a relaxed atmosphere. Since it is part of one of the top hotels in Bangkok, the service and select ingredients have to be the best. This restaurant is great when l want to enjoy a meal with a biggroup  of friends, as they have private dining rooms where you can interact freely without attracting too much attention.

4 Regions Floating Maket Pataya Thailand

For a look at traditional Thai culture be sure to check out the floating market in Pattaya (Tel.+66 (0) 1495 9151 This market features four distinctive zones that offer a variety of products from different regions in Thailand. The great feature of this market is all these little boats selling everything you can imagine. You can climb aboard for a ride around the canals and imagine what life must have been like coming here because there are so many interesting things to take home for family and friends back.

Amphawa Floating Maket Samut Songkhram Thailand

This remarkable little floating market is open in the afternoon and located near Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram. L like to visit on the weekends when the canal is filled with vendors that crowd their boats with tasty treats, including fried sea mussel, noodles, coffee, and traditional Thai desserts. The cool part about this market is that it doesn’t get going until the afternoon, so l can sleep in and still enjoy all the festivities. l especially like the music broadcasts by community members, exploring the market on a boat, eating a lot of great food, and seeing fireflies at night.

Silom Square And Siam Paragon Bangkok Thailand

Being in the entertainment business, l always have to keep up with the trends and what’s a better place to learn what the locals are wearing than in Siam Square  The open air shopping complex is where some of the original Thai designers set  up stores here. For a little splurge, l can just go across the street to Siam Paragon 991/1 Rama 1 Road, Pathomwan, Bangkok 26901000. lt is huge, equipped with world designer brands and l could lose hours just browsing what they have. Coming to Siam alone can make me want to remodel my whole wardrobe.

Central World Bangkok Thailand

When l want the latest street wear fashion or trendy outfits without stretching the budget, l go to Central World  ( Ratchadamri Road,Tel.+66 ( 0 ) 2640 7000 The place is massive, home to two department stores, the youthful Zen and Japanese favorite lsetan. On the 7th floor is also Center point, where Bangkok teens go for the latest in music and trends. You can get comics, games, clothes, and even a haircut here. Not to mention the food it’s hard to decide where to eat, as you can find tasty dishes from all over the world.

MBK or Mah Boon Krong Bangkok Thailand

For someone like me, being up to date with the latest technology is a must. The best thing about Bangkok is that we get the latest in gadgets for much cheaper than other countries. The first place l go for deals on mobile phones and games  is MBK Center Tel.+66 2620 9000   lt’s huge, full of options, not to mention the convenient location next to BTS Skytrain. The whole 4thfloor is dedicated to electronics, complete with accessories and softwares for your favorite tech toys. There are also good deals on clothes and souvenirs all over MBK.


Bangkok is a city of shopping with markets in almost every corner of town. But for the best selection of original designs and creative products, Jatujak is the granddaddy of them all. Stylish people (like myself ) live what merchants here have to offer. Aside from the creative clothing and accessories, Jatujak is where you can shop for souvenirs, used books, funky furniture and even exotic pets (though l don’t really support that). Since it’s only open on weekends it can get quite crowded and hot, but that is part of the experience


When all the malls are closed  and l still have an itch for shopping, l head to Suan Lum Night Bazaar. The best thing about this place (other than the endless eows of shops) is that it is at night so l don’t have to deal with sweltering heat. The shops here have mostly tourist favorites, with lots of Thai artwork and souvenirs,which are not really my taste. But good thing there is one zone ( in the Lopburi soi ) where l can get myself some cool fashion made by local designers.Suan Lum is really easy to find, right next to the Suan Lum subway station.

Walking Street Tha Pae Chaing Mai Thailand

When the weather is cool, the walking Street I like to visit the most is Tha Pae in Chaing Mai. I love Chiang Mai because it is a city where you can see the traditional and modern in one charming city. For this walking street, the merchants sell a variety of food and clothing, but what makes this market interesting are the one of a kind souvenirs made by hand. The charm of the people that I meet on the street is also one of the reasons why I keep on coming back.

Walking Street Pattaya Thailand and Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

For me, some of the most peculiar and exciting streets to walk down in Thailand are in Pattaya Beach and Patong Beach in Phuket. To bit Dodgy, as there are lot of girly bars and knock off goods, but these streets are also home to lots of food stalls, cheap eats and coocktails on mobile carts. Closed off to traffic, they are a fascinating chance to people watch, and you have to experience them at least once.