Hua Hin Safari Thailand

If you are looking for a little enthusiasm, the Hua Hin Safari & Adventure Park (Tel.+66 0 8 9810 1351) my first stop. This park is great fun and a lot to do interesting things. Some of My Favorite Adventures are the elephant in the jungle-trekking, horse riding and paintball. You can also make a firm and the taste of this incredible tasty pineapple. I like it here because I can see the natural side of Hua Hin and beautiful forests that surround them.

Crocodile Farm Koh Samui Thailand

A trip Thailand would not be complete without a visit to a crocodile farm. The enormous one in Pattaya (Tel.+66 0 3824 9345-9), is one of most exciting places to see these toothy monsters in action. I especially enjoy the show in which talented trainers per from cool death defying tricks with these prehistoric creatures. Another farm on Kho Samui (+66 0 7723 9002) features Cobras in the island ambience. Closer to Bangkok, There's another farm in Suan Samparn (+66 0 2295 2938) that also has an elephant show.

Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand

When i want to enjoy nature and learn more about the ecosystem, the Chiang Mai Night SafariDoi Suthep-Pui Mountain and the emerald colored forest. Be sure to play a visit to Swan Lake where a number of small islands play home to many loud lemurs and gibbons. At Nighttime, I never miss the Musical Fountain and Water Screen, an awesome display of beauty and technology. (Tel:+66-0-2595-4390), fits the bill perfectly. There are all sorts of animals to observe, including Giant Tortoises, Asiatic Black Bears, and Lemurs. A few of my favorite places at the park are the viewpoint areas, which have incredibly beautiful views of

Elephant Camp Chiang Mai Thailand

There are many awesome elephant camps around Chiang Mai, but one of my favorites is the Mae Taman Elephant Park(Tel:+66-0-5329-7360). I always try to visit here when I'm in this cool Northern Thai city. At this cam, you can watch these massive animals display their physical strength and mental skills in a lively show, then climb on the back of one and go for a trek in the jungle. After wards, you can enjoy a sooting journey down the peaceful Kok River aboard a Bamboo raft.

Phuket FantaSea Thailand

When I visit Phuket, this is one of my favorite places to learn about Thai Culture through many amazing attractions. There are so many cool things to see at Phuket FantaSeaelephant shows to traditional Thai dances, that I sometimes don't know where to begin. One of my favorite shows has to be the Tiger Jungle Adventure where these powerful animals are the stars of an intriguing hungry for some tasty Royal Thai food, I head over to the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant, renowned as the world's grandest 4,000 seat dining venue. Next time you're in Phuket be sure to stop by this awesome attraction ! (Tel:+66-0-7638-500), from

Siam Ocean World Bangkok Thailand

I love to visit Siam Ocean World (Tel:+662-2687-200), when I want to see some really interesting seaDeep Reef, Living Ocean Rain forest, Rocky Shore, Open Ocean,and the Sea Jellies exhibits. creatures. This huge aquarium is so fascinating, with its variety of marine life and other neat animals. It's also a great place to bring your family, as there are plenty of activities to partake in. Make sure to visit this attraction and check out the 7 different zones which are Weird and Wonderful,