Mo Room, Mo Hotel Chiang Mai Thailand

I really enjoy boutique hotels, and artist Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon has come up with a great one. Mo Rooms (Tapae Road, Chang klan,Tel. +66 ( 0 ) 5328 0789  is a12 room avant-garde hotel near the Tha Pae Gate. The theme of the decor on the 12-year lunar cycle, according to the Feng Shui symbols, with each of the rooms created by different designers and  artists. Since l was born in the year of the Dragon, l usually try to pick that room. Booking Mo Hotel >> Enjoy! Dragon Room, Rat Room, OX Room,Tiger Room, Rabbit Room, Snake Room, Horse Room, Goat Room, Monkey Room, Roadster Room, Dog Room & Pig Room.

The Oasis Spa Chiang Mai Thailand

The Oasis Spa Chiang Mai Thailand. When l really need to escape from the stress and the chaos that my work gives me, l usually go for a full on spa visit for a day to totally get relaxed and de streessed. One of my Sirimuangkarajan Road, Chiang Maitreatments and healthy food.  Tel.+66 ( 0 ) 53920111. The location itself is already a sanctuary away from the city but with an added tranquil atmosphere at the spa facilitie l just feel like l can slip away into a different world. Sometimes when l feel like bringing my friends along, they can also organize a specialized spa party for you which includes
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Fish Feet Massage in Bangkok Thailand

Fish Feet Massage in Bangkok Thailand.Thai people love their massages, and so do l. Thailand is like heaven, as you can get any kind of massage from head to toe…not to mention it is usually not expensive There is a new type of massage that l recently got hooked on. Instead of masseuse’s skillful hands, your feet get massaged by tiny little fish at Fishfeet spa Ladprao 71,Tel.+66 ( 0 ) 85 230 7711. You put your feet in a fish tank and let the fish nibble away on your skin. This helps get rid of dead skin cells that are the cause of foot odor. Lt may tickle at first, but it is definitely not animal cruelty either, because the fish like it too.
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