Lonely Planet fan, Lonely Planet Thailand (Country Guide) [Paperback]

Lonely Planet fan, Lonely Planet Thailand (Country Guide) [Paperback] Book

---: comments from other reviewers Pattaya: Thank you, live in this tourist trap. Other brochures, websites, or a travel agent, the same information. Lonely Planet is more than enough information to fully benefit from the R & R in Pattaya.

If you want a real beauty of the Thai real smile in March that the use of LP's an excellent reference. If you like someone to plan the whole trip, and part of group tours, and then call your travel agent or buy the "other" books.

--- : "Loi Krathong" (Festival of Light - the last full moon in November) will need detailed information about some cities in Thailand, and the actual ceremony. For me, this rate in the year - perfect for viewing prior to the event as well. Flowers, floats, parades, food, atmosphere ..It was one of my main points of the trip. (We have already selected for the festival in Bangkok, Ayutthaya). Joe spoke only briefly to note that "the best way to spend in the North. "Do not be discouraged also celebrated in Thailand.

After driving a few guides, nothing better than the guide books of the Lonely Planet. Note, however, if the user - all recommendations are only recommendations. to investigate comments, not the facts. (The reports are generally friendly and helpful in any case.) Cultural background, history, and draws attention to the other side to make the difference to buy Lonely Planet, and others not. Joe Cummings, LP books on Thailand in Bangkok and the sentences are complete. I liked his idea. LP out that a tourist is not alone. (Other LP books used. Israel, Turkey, Greece, Western Europe, Baltic States, Asia, Hong Kong and take advantage of their weight and height). If you can take some load baggage, use Lonely Planet .

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